•“Supporting Teen Families” report out now

In Australia, as in most other developed countries, adolescent pregnancy and parenthood remain a core social and public health concern. Concerning education, most teenage parents obtain systematically lower school grades or are school dropouts, which substantially limits their capacity to secure well-paid and stable employment over the life course. Consequently, reliance on welfare dependency is higher amongst teen parents, with intergenerational consequences for the transmission of disadvantage to children.

In the comprehensive report “Supporting Teen Families”, Heidi Hoffmann and I review the situation and context of Australian teenage pregnancy and parenthood, and outlines some of the challenges and barriers teenage parents face before and after childbirth. The report additionally scrutiny social intervention programs that are best practices in supporting teenage parents by preventing disorders and enhancing competences, with a particular focus on educational outcomes.

This report is part of the preparatory work for the Pathways to Parenthood (P2P) project, which is done in collaboration with community service providers, and involves the design and implementation of a pilot study to develop a social intervention that supports teenage mothers to reconnect with education.